DNA is what makes you unique from the other 7 billion people on Earth. You became a 1:1 art piece the day you were born. And now, in DNAVERSE you can immortalize your uniqueness in a NFT art piece, with complete scientific accuracy.

This simple act of introducing your genetics into an NFT art piece can evolve in many ways, from verifying humans against AIs in digital worlds or personalizing digital assets with your true essence; to merge biological data & structures into digital avatars, like James Cameron envisioned, or transferring our consciousness into web3, like the San Junípero episode in Black Mirror.

However, before that, the Genesis of life has to start somewhere. If proteins are the most important molecules in life, cryptoproteins will be the genesis drop of human life in the Metaverse. The first step to build the primal community who will rule the Replication Breeding Process & the entire DNAVERSE.

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A genesis drop of 3200 NFTs
100% scientifically accurate and unique.


DNA Passes




The 200 essential proteins for Life, with the exact same body structure as IRL (in real life). Cryptoproteins are 3D assets with complete scientific accuracy, endorsed by the Protein Data Bank, an internationally renowned scientific organization.
The Cryptoproteins contain the grandfather traits of all the DNArts merged into the blockchain. Cryptoproteins holders will also receive a DNArt NFT with genotype 0, becoming the ancestors of human life in the metaverse, and the rulers of the Replication Breeding Process.

DNA Passes


After the Genesis drop the main drop will take place. A total of 3000 DNA Passes will be available in the only centralized drop of DNA NFTs.
There are more than 7 billion people on Earth but there will be only 3000 DNA NFTs. After that, each new human being who wants to immortalize their DNA will have to use the Replication Breeding Process, a decentralized economic model focused on the sustainability of the community and the project.



DNArt is YOUR art piece. Your own genetic code merged into an art NFT. The artistic representation of yourself in the metaverse.

The DNArt will keep the traits from the DNA Pass (inherited from the Cryptoproteins, remember 😉) and will use some unique data from your DNA to create a totally personalized and unique piece of art.

Once you decide to redeem your DNA Pass, DNAVERSE will create your customized DNArt imbued with your genetics – your real essence. After redeeming it, a DNA sample test will arrive at your location and you’ll need to follow the instruction and send the test back to the lab. The laboratory will manage your data without sharing any personal information with DNAVERSE. The workflow created for the DNArts is fully anonymized and with pseudonymatization process through an algorithm created by both teams.



1:1 of 200
ERC 721

2. DNA Pass

1:1 of 3200
ERC 721

3. DNArts

Unique 1:1 of yourself
ERC 721



As you will have read, there are only 3000 DNA NFTs at the beginning, but there are more than 7 billion people on Earth. What happens if more people want to immortalize their DNA? The answer is the Replication of DNAs (similar to a breeding process).
A decentralized economic model focused on the long-term growth and benefits for the community.
The Cryptoproteins, the rarest asset of the ecosystem, will set the price for newcomers, receiving a percentage of payment for the Replication process. Also DNArts will be part of the model, generating passive income for each newcomer who choose their DNArt to be replicated. If you want to read more about the Replication of DNAs you can check the FAQs, the whitepaper & join the community on Discord.

Building up the…





Scientifically accurate, long-term value and Genesis of all the DNAVERSE
Q2 2022
2.0 “THE MINT PASS” – 3000 DNA Passes
To redeem your personalized DNArt with different traits and designs.
Q3 2022
Hand-made, unique DNA data-based collection with different traits and designs. Custom scientific data about origins, nutrition, fitness.
Q3 2022
International meetings virtual & IRL among the DNAVERSE community with a shared passion or genetic.
Q4 2022
5.0  LAUNCH of the DNA Replication: BREEDING
The decentralized economic model. Democratization of the project and passive income opportunities through the DNA Replication process.
Q4 2022
Fusion of the DNArt with other Top NFT projects; Launch of other related scientific collections; Creation of a Tokenomic experience among the community; and much more to come…


Artists and scientists working together

DNAVERSE was created by 3DforScience, one of the world’s most influential scientific visualization studios with over 10 years of experience and international recognition. The DNAVERSE core is comprised of experienced professional, supported by a large team of  scientists, designers and 3D animators. Together, we have undertaken the mission of developing the BIOmetaverse.

Want to see examples of our work?


x2 UX/UI designers

x3 Scientific illustrators

x5 Programmers

x3 Visual designers

x10 3D animators


Community benefits

  • Become an OG member of the first genetic community in Metaverse
  • Meaningful and top level community members, scientists, business people, artists
  • Enabling the community’s NFTs and virtual avatars to inherit their genetics
  • Private DNA data report: Ancestry & Origins, Nutrition & Fitness, and Personality & Behaviour
  • DAO in roadmap
  • Merch: Wear your own DNA-style clothes (in metaverse & IRL)
  • Future human verification
  • DNA customization of TOP NFT Collections
  • PET-DNArt for pet owners​. DNA test for PETS. Customized NFT art with PET’s DNA

Community rewards

  • OG Investment upside in a new BIOmetaverse paradigm
  • Passive income through DNA Replication process – Holding rewards
  • VIP events/parties/meetings (in metaverse & IRL)
  • Affinity travels
  • IP for owners (derivatives & more)
  • % Royalties to tokens/airdrops to holders
  • % Royalties to Cancer Research and Children associations
  • Exclusive access to future whitelists spots
  • Wellbeing 
          • Mental & meditation sessions
          • Nutrition guides
          • Fitness sessions


DNAverse is the first NFT collection customized with holders’ real DNA data. This is a long-term project focusing on geneticizing the metaverse with human DNA, building a solid community that want to build a BIOmetaverse, to share the benefits of membership, utility and passive income based on a self-sustainable, decentralized economic model.
How is the collection and how many drops will there be?
A collection of 3,200 NFTs centralized assets to begin our journey into the #Biometaverse

1.- 200 Cryptoproteins (Genesis Drop). The first and original collection to be created and the genesis of DNAverse. A very limited collection that provides the ancestor traits to the DNArts and the foundation for the whole DNAVERSE.

2.- 3,000 DNA Passes (The Mint Pass). A DNA Pass is a redeemable ticket to obtain your personalized DNArt.

3.- DNArts (The Customized Drop). A unique animated 3D artwork fully personalized with holders’ DNA data. The only customized art pieces 1:1, to be delivered exclusively to DNA Pass holders

Join our Discord to stay tuned about future drop dates.

How can I get a spot in the pre-sale whitelist?
All successful applicants for the pre-sale whitelist will automatically be given exclusive access to participate in the Genesis drop (only 200 spots).
DNAVERSE is a long-term project and we seek genuine commitment for this unique opportunity.
Therefore, the whitelisting process is completely open and accesible to all, however a selection process will take place in order to ensure the minimum requirements are met (yet to be announced).

More information will follow shortly.

Join our Discord to stay tuned about the process and dates.

Rarity traits: How do they influence the collection attributes?
Each CRYPTOPROTEIN is 100% scientifically accurate with the exact same structure as the biological proteins in real life.
In each of them, we have implemented attributes that provide a unique combination of features and inherited traits, influencing the upcoming DNA Replication process, the market price and the passive income decentralized model.
These are the 6 attributes:
• Focus: Ancestry, Nutrition, Behaviour, Health
• Recovery: Slow (37.5%), Medium (32.5%), Fast (20%), Ultra-fast (10%)
• Soul: Charming, Friendly Kind, Brave, Empathetic, Imaginative, Sincere, Passionate, Romantic, Elegant, Vibrant, Relaxed, Adventurous, Magnetic, Resilient, Generous, Courageous, Intuitive.
• Chroma: Olive, Ocean, Shadow, Midnight, Peach, Lavender, Beige, Salmon, Mustard, Coffee, Pearl, Cherry
• DNA Capsule: Diamond, Emerald, Ruby, Saphire, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Basic
• Genetization power: Universal, PFPs, 3D Assets, Pets, Standard
Why are CRYPTOPROTEINS so important?
Similar to proteins being the genesis of life, CRYPTOPROTEINS are the Genesis NFTs of DNAVERSE.
The Cryptoproteins are the pillars of the project and LIMITED to only 200 NFTs. They provide ancestor traits, rarity and replication power to codify new DNA Pass NFTs. They are the rulers of the replication process and grant OG status for holders, including DAO membership, private airdrops, passive income, etc.
Can I choose what type of Cryptoprotein I get?
No, you can’t. The minting process is completely random.
What is a DNA Pass?
The DNA Pass is a redeemable ticket (a minting pass) that allows holders to receive an individually customized DNArt NFT. There will only be 3,000 centralized and price-controlled DNA Passes.
Once the minting is over, the secondary market and the Replication process (Marketlab) will be the only way to obtain new DNA Passes to be redeemed.
How does the DNA Pass redemption process work?
These are the steps to convert a DNA Pass into a personalized DNArt NFT:
1. Get a DNA Pass* at mint and redeem it at DNAverse.
2. A DNA sample kit will be shipped to your location.
3. The laboratory will receive and analyze your data.
4. Scientists and designers create the art piece based on your DNA results
5. You will receive a complete scientific report of your DNA study.
6. Your DNArt is revealed as your exclusive 1:1 artwork.
*The DNA Pass is burnt after use
What is the DNA Pass Genotype for?
The Genotype measures the level of ancestry of each DNArt and it affects the digital genetic roots of the DNAverse, the lineage.
The original 3,000 DNA Passes will have these levels:
• Level 0 (200 DNA Passes) – Airdrop for Cryptoproteins holders
• Level 1 (400 DNA Passes)
• Level 2 (600 DNA Passes)
• Level 3 (800 DNA Passes)
• Level 4 (1,000 DNA Passes)
After selling out all DNA Passes, the community and new members will only be able to generate new DNA Passes by breeding a genesis Cryptoprotein with an owner’s DNArt through the Replication Process. These will be created in subsequent levels. Those between Level 0 and 4 are considered real OGs, getting access to receive passive income and other privileges.
How are the DNArts created?
Your DNArt is completely hand-made and individually customized. Scientists, Designers and 3D animators work together to link a part of your DNA results and translate those creatively and artistically into your NFT, creating a new 1:1 NFT with our best skills (and much love).
Who is the team behind this project?
DNAVERSE was created by 3DforScience, one of the world’s most influential scientific visualization studios. With over 10 years of experience and international recognition, a team of 28 individuals has been brought together to develop the BIOmetaverse, including all planned additions to deliver extraordinary benefits and an amazing experience to our NFT community.
Which blockchain is the project hosted on?
The genesis drop is launched on the Ethereum network as it is also the origin of smart-contract history. After the genesis drop, we transition to the Polygon network to benefit the community members, the Replication process and the ecosystem in terms of gas cost-saving, sustainability, scalability and eco-friendly workflow of the blockchain.
Will my DNA data be uploaded into a blockchain?
This is completely optional, it’s up to you to safeguard your raw data to blockchain. This data is not shared with any institution for any reasons, even DNAVERSE do not have access to your data (the lab give us an anonymized algorithm in order to create DNArt), and the only owner of the data is yourself. Of course we can upload it for you, with your consent, once you specifically ask us to and give us written instruction to do it.
How do we analyze the data?
We look at variables that make everybody unique. To be precise, we look at the most common known variations among humans, called SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms). An SNP is a genetic marker, which is a position in your DNA associated with certain phenotypes. We analyze 750,000 of these genetic markers.
What does the scientific report include?
Your report includes information regarding your ancestry & origins, nutrition & fitness and personality traits.
What happens to my DNA data?
DNAverse never gets access to your personal DNA data. The workflow for the design is through an anonymized template, which will only use a portion of your DNA Data to customize your unique DNArt NFT. It won´t be uploaded to Blockchain or used for any other reasons. Data is anonymous. We will manage your sample test with numeric code and link it to the artistic process to assure customization. No other use is allowed.
The privacy of your sample is absolute. Our purpose is to help you to discover your genetics and personalize your well-being.
In short:
  • DNAverse don’t get access to your DNA data.
  • The Lab we have partnered with will not sell your data to anyone. Your genetic data belongs only to you and it is kept private and stored on EU servers.
  • The only link between your sample and you will be an email that you need to register the sample in order to access to your results.
  • The DNA sample would be destroyed right after it is analysed in the laboratory.